Weeders Digest

Weeders Digest is an e-commerce store that offers the largest selection of lake and pond management products.  Weeders Digest was looking for an internet marketing company that was capable of driving more traffic and more sales to their online store.


Drive higher quality traffic to the website and complete more online sales.


After running an SEO audit, we were able to determine that product categories and pages on the website were poorly optimized.

We completed on-page SEO services such as optimizing meta tags, optimizing header tags and added semantic content to web pages to help rank for keyword variations.  We also continually monitor web pages for improvements and reach out to influencers to obtain back links.

Additionally, we integrated our AI technology into their AdWords campaign.  Our AI technology quickly identified wasted spend which allowed us to optimize their AdWords campaigns for maximum returns.


Since taking over the account in January of 2018, Weeders Digest has seen a 20% increase in organic traffic from January 1 to June 26 2018 when compared to the previous years.

Over the same period, Weeders Digest saw a 18% decrease in bounce rate and a 56% increase in the amount of time visitors from AdWords spent on their website.

These results have led Weeders Digest to generate record breaking monthly revenue numbers while decreasing the overall cost per sale.

Google Organic Traffic – Jan 1 to June 30

# Google Organic Sales – Jan 1 to June 30

AdWords Search CTR – Jan 1 to June 30

AdWords Search Cost Per Sale – Jan 1 to June 30

What We Did For Weeders Digest

Search Engine Optimization

We restructured Peter Doran’s url structure, updated meta tags and added new content to increase the number of pages indexed by search engines.

Google AdWords Management

We took Weeder Digest AdWords account and integrated it with our AI technology.  From there we organized their AdWords campaigns and focused on bidding on highly relevant keywords.

Bing Ads

We optimized and launch advertising campaigns on the Bing Ads platform.

Backlink Building

We continuously reach out to influencers and website owners to build relationships and earn quality links back to Peter Doran’s website.