Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

A pricing model that works for any business

Our pricing is designed to get you the most out of your marketing budget so your business can thrive. In order to accomplish this, we allocate your budget across digital platforms that give your business the best opportunity to engage with consumers and generate leads. As an omni channel digital marketing agency we offer you our ability to create and execute your digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Below is a sample of what a $3000 marketing budget could do for your business…


Search Engine Optimization –

  • Technical SEO – weekly site audit monitoring and fixing of issues – $100
  • Unlimited keyword monitoring – $100
  • Link building services – The types of links you receive on a monthly basis can vary from guest blog posts, foundation links on mini-authority properties, 2nd tier boost links, home page backlinks, PR releases and syndication. $500
  • Content marketing – The types of content we deliver can vary from blog posts, service pages, ebooks, videos and infographics. $300

Total SEO – $1000

Local SEO

  • Update Google My Business page to ensure accurate listing
  • Weekly Google My Business posts  – $200
  • Month 1 submission to data aggregators 
  • 30 new citations monthly after 1st month –  $300

Total Local SEO – $500

Google Ads –

  • Our Google Ads Management fees are 20% of your ad spend.  A $500 a month ad spend would allow us to create some search campaigns and retarget visitors with display and video ads pretty effectively.

Total Google Ads – $500

Social Media Marketing –

  • Facebook and Instagram
    • 2x weekly organic posts – $400
    • Social Media Ads – Our Social Media Ads Management fees are 20% of your ad spend. – $600

Total Social Media – $1000

How big of an impact can your digital marketing budget have for your business?

The Hand Print

$3K to $5K Monthly Budget

Your a small business and your looking for a way attract high quality visitors to your website. The hand print budget is enough to ensure your websites foundation is solid
and your messaging is reaching its audience across search and social media.

The Foot Print

$5K to $10K Monthly Budget

You are looking to expand your territory and strengthen your brands image while increasing reach and driving revenue. The foot print budget is enough to strengthen your
current customer base while generating buzz about your business in targeted locations.

The Digital Blvd Star

$10K to $20K Monthly Budget

You are ready to take your business to the next level and are looking for a digital marketing agency to deliver a seamless consumer journey across digital platforms your
customers are already using. The digital star budget will use your marketing dollars more efficiently to deliver you more profits.

Hold My Beer

$20K+ Monthly Budget

You just want to get straight to the point. What can we do for you and how much is it going to cost? The only way to find out is to contact us today!

Or maybe you have some hourly work that needs to be done?

Maybe you just need a few hours of work done to help launch a product or improve your websites performance, lucky for you, we do offer an hourly services.  Contact us and we can provide you with a detailed quote about what we will do and an estimate of how long it will take along with pricing.