PPC Management

Why PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising is the fastest way to get your website to rank on the first page of Google and other major search engines and websites.  However, advertising platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads charge you every time somebody clicks on one of your ads.

Profitability with PPC advertising comes down having your ad show up to your target audience to drive the highest quality traffic to your website.  At Concrete Internet Marketing we follow our tried and true process of optimizing pay per click campaigns to drive amazing results.

How We Get Results Using Digital Advertising

We follow a very strict approach to building out PPC campaigns by utilizing a step by step process that analyzes the structure of your PPC account.  


PPC Account Audit

PPC Account Audit

Our PPC account audit tool analyzes 70 PPC ranking factors that can help reduce the amount you pay for an ad click.  Your audit score is based on how well optimized your PPC account is.

PPC Ads Campaign Management

PPC Ads Campaign Management

Our ads campaign management tools help us create theme based ad campaigns and optimize the ad campaigns for a high quality score.  The higher your quality score, the less you pay to generate qualified traffic to your website.

PPC Keyword Management

PPC Keyword Management

Our keyword management tool evaluates keywords and compares them to industry standards to help deliver highly targeted traffic to your website.  This allows us to increase your sales without having to increase your budget!

AB Ad Testing

AB Ad Testing

Our A/B ad testing tool monitors the performance of your ads and compares them against each other to determine a confidence rate for each ad.  Low confidence rate ads are replaced with a new ad, keeping ad content fresh and current with trends.

Quality Score Management

Ecommerce Google Ads Quality Score for Seasonal Website

Our tools provide us with the insight needed to help our clients get the most out of their budget.  Our process provides you with the opportunity to increase your sales without increasing your budget.

PPC Management Services

No matter your business size or industry, pay-per-click (PPC) can provide you with a highly controllable platform for targeting quality traffic. Even if you’re not a multinational corporation with massive advertising budgets, PPC can help you achieve impressive return on investment (ROI) levels with every penny.

If you’re ready to dominate the digital world, make PPC ads a part of your digital marketing strategy. With experts on your side, you can achieve quick results, generate detailed reports, and capture quality audiences.

It’s time to reach new heights with Concrete Internet Marketing. Our experienced professionals, modern tools, and exceptional services can help you unlock your full potential.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Using PPC Strategies?

    PPC is a common digital marketing tool for diverse brands, from startups to industry leaders. Let’s look at some of the advantages these companies enjoy when utilizing PPC strategies.

    Quick Results

    Unlike SEO efforts, PPC ads offer quick results. On average, it takes four to six months to notice any change in your SEO ranking.

    There’s no such wait with PPC ads. Once you run a campaign, you will immediately see a boost in your traffic, conversions, and revenues.

    Detailed Reports

    With PPC ads, you can generate detailed reports about where your budget went. This feature includes information on revenue, return on ad spend (ROAS), ROI, etc. If you prefer using a strategy that offers granular control of your budget, PPC is ideal for you.

    Independent Strategy

    Google’s market share has reached a whopping 92.47%. One of the downsides of using an SEO tactic is that any algorithm change can hurt your efforts.

    Since the Panda update of 2011, Google would constantly develop algorithm changes that wreaked havoc for many business owners, drastically dropping rankings or erasing websites from its index. These updates don’t affect PPC ads, and Google’s every whim won’t diminish your success.

    Audience Targeting

    PPC is an effective tool in targeting particular audiences. With this digital marketing tool, you can target individuals who perform specific searches or those with interests related to your ads. With PPC, you have various options to choose from, enabling you to target people who will likely buy your products or services.

    However, this doesn’t mean limiting your ads to one type of buyer persona. You can run multiple campaigns at any given time.

    Impressive ROI

    These PPC statistics should convince you to give this strategy a shot: On average, PPC ads generate $2 in revenue for every dollar spent — a whopping 200% ROI! While your industry influences the average, imagine what a successful campaign can do for you.

  • Why Should You Hire Professional PPC Management Services?

    Given PPC’s many benefits, it might be tempting to run PPC ads on your own. However, it has a steep learning curve that may prove too costly if you don’t have a specialist on your side. Without a PPC expert, you might end up depleting your budget on ads that don’t convert customers.

    Below are some reasons why you should hire professional PPC management services instead of developing DIY strategies.

    Keyword Research

    Even with their expertise, it takes PPC experts days to complete keyword research tasks. Additionally, they often invest in the most advanced tools in the market, costing at least $100 monthly.

    You can use free keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner to discover new keywords, but the paid ones can help you create a foolproof list. Choosing the right keywords is critical to your campaign’s success. Picking the wrong ones can quickly burn through your budget without reaping any rewards.

    Competitive Analysis

    Part of any successful PPC strategy is to understand your competitors so you can create better copy and bid on effective keywords that will fit your budget. If you have solid competitive analysis, you can discover areas of weakness that you can capitalize on or focus on a pain point that no competitor addresses.

    Campaign Creation

    There are many variations to any PPC campaign, which you can alter to fit your needs best.

    Do you want to target new clients or attract those already familiar with your brand? Should you run a search ad or display ad? Do you want to focus on the local market?

    Somewhere in these permutations, there are golden combinations that can help you achieve your digital marketing goals. You won’t find them by change; you need a clear grasp of PPC campaigns.

PPC Quality Scores

Google Ads - Ecommerce Vinyl Record Store Quality Score

Ecommerce Google Ads Quality Score for Vinyl Record Store

Google Ads - Seasonal Ecommerce Store Quality Score

Ecommerce Google Ads Quality Score for Seasonal Website

Microsoft Ads - Seasonal Ecommerce Store Quality Score

Ecommerce Microsoft Ads Quality Score for Seasonal Website