NAP Consistency

NAP Consistency & It’s Importance in Local SEO

Getting your business listing to show up on local search engines has the potential to be a gold mine that will help your business reach its potential.  In order to achieve first page rankings, your business listings need to be optimized for and trusted by search engines.

NAP Consistency is one of the factors that you will have to optimize for in order to have a chance of ranking for competitive, high volume local keywords.  Let’s dig into NAP Consistency and how it’s used in local searches.

What Is NAP & Why Should It Be Consistent?

NAP refers to the Name, Address, and Phone number of a company.  We also believe your logo, hours of operation, messaging and more should be included when taking into consideration your brand’s identity and what it stands for.

The consistency part simply states that your local citations should include the same information as your website.

Why NAP Consistency Is Important for Local SEO

Search engines like Google and Bing use the name, address, and phone data of a business to decide what listings they will display in a geo-targeted search. If your website or social media pages don’t have this information, the search engines won’t be able to show your business whenever a user conducts a local search related to your products or services.

This is where NAP consistency comes in. Many SEO specialists believe that search engines reference the NAP data of businesses to validate their legitimacy. Since search engines don’t prioritize websites they believe aren’t legitimate, you can experience problems with your rankings if you fail to secure NAP consistency.

Other Benefits of NAP Consistency

The technical SEO benefits of having consistent NAP data go beyond one’s ranking on the main search results page. When you have a robust NAP policy in place, you can ensure that your business shows up on Google Maps, which is significant for local searches.

When people see that your information is the same across all pages, they can easily gain trust for your business since they see that the data about your brand is genuine and accurate.

Even if your website is relatively new, having NAP consistency can help improve its chances of being displayed in local search suggestions.

Let Us Help You Get Started With Nap Consistency

The NAP of your business is an important aspect of local search engine optimization. If you’re unsure whether your NAP details are accurate or not, then it’s time to ensure their consistency.

Concrete Internet Marketing can provide you with SEO specialists that can manage your search engine optimization needs such as with NAP consistency. Get in touch today to learn more.