Microsoft Ads Services

Why Microsoft Ads?

Microsoft advertising is one of the fastest ways to get your website to rank on the first page of Bing and other major search engines and websites.  

Profitability with Microsoft advertising comes down having your ad show up to your target audience to drive the highest quality traffic to your website.  At Concrete Internet Marketing we follow our tried and true process of optimizing pay per click campaigns to drive amazing results.

How We Get Results Using Digital Advertising

We follow a very strict approach to building out Microsoft Ads campaigns by utilizing a step by step process that analyzes the structure of your Microsoft Ads account.  


Microsoft Ads Account Audit

PPC Account Audit

Our Microsoft Ads account audit tool analyzes 70 PPC ranking factors that can help reduce the amount you pay for an ad click.  Your audit score is based on how well optimized your Microsoft Ads account is.

Micorsoft Ads Campaign Management

PPC Ads Campaign Management

Our ads campaign management tools help us create theme based ad campaigns and optimize the ad campaigns for a high quality score.  The higher your quality score, the less you pay to generate qualified traffic to your website.

PPC Keyword Management

PPC Keyword Management

Our keyword management tool evaluates keywords and compares them to industry standards to help deliver highly targeted traffic to your website.  This allows us to increase your sales without having to increase your budget!

AB Ad Testing

AB Ad Testing

Our A/B ad testing tool monitors the performance of your ads and compares them against each other to determine a confidence rate for each ad.  Low confidence rate ads are replaced with a new ad, keeping ad content fresh and current with trends.

Quality Score Management

Ecommerce Google Ads Quality Score for Seasonal Website

Our tools provide us with the insight needed to help our clients get the most out of their budget.  Our process provides you with the opportunity to increase your sales without increasing your budget.