Local SEO

Why Local SEO?

Showing up on Google Maps is essential for local businesses to become a staple of their neighborhood.  With larger corporations and bigger businesses taking over the landscape, local businesses must out strategize them to remain relevant.

Knowing how to consistently and accurately optimize for Google Maps and Apple Maps while providing 5 star services is what will help your business become a household name in the neighborhood.

How We Get Website To Rank On Google Maps

We follow a very strict approach to building out Local SEO campaigns for our clients by utilizing a step by step process that starts with an audit of your current local profile across thousands of directories.  

Links & Website Authority

Links and Website Authority

Our domain authority tool scours the internet for links that are pointing to your website from other websites across local directories.  Your domain authority is based on over 150 different SEO signals.  The higher your domain authority, the higher it should rank.

Google Maps Rankings

Google Maps Rankings

Our Google Maps ranking tool performs searches for your website and reports its rankings from various locations around your business.  This tool helps us optimize your Google Maps listing for the highly targeted keywords searched for most and provide the searcher with your business information on their phone.

Reputation Manager

Reputation Manager

Mobile devices and search engines like Google Maps make it easy for consumers to find you, but you still have to keep up your reputation to outperform the competition.  Our reputation manager tool makes it easy to respond to reviews while providing you with the tools you need to get more 5 star reviews.



Our citation building tool helps us monitor and build key citations on third party directories that are relevant to your businesses location.  This tool also monitors the name, address and phone number of your business to ensure it is accurate in every listing.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Our Google My Business tool provides you with data about the performance of your Google My Business page on Google Maps and searches. 

What Type of Local Businesses Could Benefit From Local SEO

Local businesses who service their customers at their home are the types of businesses that have the largest to gain with local SEO. These are businesses like landscaping, plumbers, painters and home repair.

Local SEO

How potential customers find you on local and mobile searches.

When a search is made, the searchers device sends out a signal that provides your geographic area or physical location to the search engine. The search engine will then provide local search results without having to type in an address or zip code.

Your local search ranking factor determines if your business will show up in the maps listings, in search engine results, on ads or at all.

To determine how much work is needed to start showing up in local serps all depends on how hard your competition has worked on theirs.

Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Attracts Local Customers

Google is local! If there is a service to be offered or a business with an item to sell nearby, Google’s local algorithm will pick them up and display them in the search engine results page.

Small business owners still have an opportunity to get their business listed highly on Google Maps and other local search engines.

Google My Business pages have the ability to share their local content on Google posts. Google doesn’t have a good reputation for social media, but Google posts are a great way to stay active with your profile.

Google Maps Advertising

How To Outrank The Competition

Building citations is a key ranking factor in local search and involves getting your business listed in key local directories online. A local citation displays your businesses name, address and phone number (NAP) at minimum.

Doing your keyword research will help you understand the local keywords consumers are searching to find products and services near them.

Optimize your website with local metadata and keyword rich content to increase the chances of ranking on Google maps and in the organic local search results page.

Local SEO Map Rankings

Local SEO Rankings for Minneapolis, MN Plumber

Local SEO Plumber Google Map Rankings

Local SEO Rankings for Rogers, MN Lawn Care Company

Local SEO Lawn Care Company Google Map Rankings