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Link building is when hyperlinks are developed from your own or other websites so that they will lead back to your business. Search engines, such as Google, crawl these links between each page and the links in the whole website.

This procedure is important because it guides search engines in discovering newly-built web pages while also helping determine how well it ranks in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

In general, site owners can improve their website rankings by creating top-quality sites that people would want to use and share. For link builders, this means using tactics that prioritize earning links because a website offers great content that is relevant to users – not just to get links for search engines.

This is what our link building services at Concrete Internet Marketing are founded on.

As a premier link building solutions provider, we always ensure that the content we put out is excellent and beneficial to the right audience. With our link building solutions, we can help build brand awareness, nurture customer relationships, and create better business outcomes.

How Does Link Building Work?

Internal and external link building are two ways to develop links on a website.

When starting, external links are more difficult to obtain since you have to rely on other websites. On the other hand, internal links are easier since you get to do it yourself. All you need is some planning and time to start developing good internal links to boost your site’s SEO.

Deep linking is another method that refers to linking directly to pages besides your home or contact us page. Each page on your site should be accessible from at least a single text link. You should increase internal links by connecting relevant product pages and blog posts instead of just directing people to your home page.

When you maintain a blog, you can increase your internal links by giving yourself more opportunities for linking back to the products and services you offer. You can even link directly from social media channels as well.

Get expert help for your website’s link building. Contact Concrete Internet Marketing today to learn more.

How To Get External Links for Your Website

As mentioned above, getting external links from other websites to yours is much more difficult than internal linking. External link building has various strategies and techniques to garner these precious links.

Here are a few ways you can get websites to link back to you:

  • Create share-worthy content: Content that is valuable, compelling, and shareable can encourage people to send links back to your website. You can make this easier for others to find your content by promoting your posts through social media channels and email marketing campaigns.
  • Request links: You can treat link building just like how you would make friends by asking others to link back to your website. However, it’s vital to limit links to only those relevant to your niche or industry to avoid problems.
  • Request reviews and mentions: Try putting your business in front of industry influencers and leaders who could potentially create a public review or mention on social media.

Another great option is to utilize link building services from a provider. In many cases, getting help from an experienced link builder is one of the best ways to ensure that quality links are built for your website.

At Concrete Internet Marketing, we follow the best practices in link building so that our customers are always a step ahead of their competition. Our white-hat methods are guaranteed to maintain site integrity while making sure that the links you get are of high quality. Get in touch for a free quote.

Benefits of Excellent Link Building

The benefits of link building extend far beyond what we could include on this page. However, the ones we’ve listed below will surely provide you with sufficient motivation to consider getting professional link building services.

Here are the top benefits that link building can do for you.

Quality Links Add Credibility

Since external links act as third-party indicators to search engines, it adds to your site’s credibility by showcasing the authoritative strength of your domain.

The goal of Google is to always give users the best experience when using its platform and it does this by factoring in the authority of a website. When a website has a high number of quality links, its authority increases and makes it attractive to the search engine.

Google works on the fact that good publishers will want to link to good content because it improves the experience of their users. That’s why it’s important to build ideal links from authoritative websites since even a few of them can have a huge impact on your authority, and thus, credibility.

Search Engines Use Links to Rank Websites

Links are extremely essential to Google and without proper link building, your website is missing out on more than half of its ranking considerations. Google will have a hard time putting a rank on your site if it has no links, even if it offers great content.

To have a higher ranking than your competition, you usually need to have more quality backlinks than them.

What you can do is follow the best practices that are compatible with Google’s algorithms such as attempting to increase authority and value. You can create original and valuable content and share this with others. Develop links to trustworthy websites to build better results.

Good Backlinks Can Increase Website Traffic

One of the best ways to drive relevant audiences from high-authority industry websites is through link building. People that visit these websites and see links directing to your pages not only make them interested in what you have to offer, but it also gives indicators to search engines.

When you focus on relevant niches and audiences, you get to improve your website traffic coming from external sources. Web traffic is a good way for search engines to gauge the health of a website.

Ideal Link Building Can Improve Site Metrics and SEO Scores

SEO-savvy users are knowledgeable on terms such as page rank, Alexa rank, domain authority, and so on. These are important site metrics that search specialists monitor to see whether their pages are improving or not.

When you develop your backlinks, you get to increase these metrics and your site is going to benefit from them. Not only do they improve online visibility, but they also add exposure to your brand.

You Have More Opportunities for Sales and Revenue

When you can get more traffic and improve metrics for your website, this usually means that your revenue generation should be doing good as well. Proper link building will make your website show up higher in search engine results pages, which leads to more potential customers finding your business.

When this happens, you can expect more purchases of your products and services – while also helping generate new ways to gain revenue.

Link Building Gives You Authority to Stand Out

Most businesses would want their brand to be at the forefront of their industry and this is exactly what continuous link building has to offer. When you are seen as a brand leader, more people will flock to your website because they see it as a trusted figure in a market with numerous options.

When you become an authoritative voice in your industry, your company can dominate conversations and stay relevant.

White-Hat Link Building Services for Increased Organic Traffic

For your website to attain a good ranking in search engines, you need to leverage quality backlinks that direct to valuable content on your website. Concrete Internet Marketing is one of the leading SEO specialists in the market that can help you reach this goal.

Our professional link building services can help you get these links while growing the reach of your content within your target market. By following a proven approach, our team of SEO specialists can align with your goals, assess your website, and craft a custom link building strategy for maximum success.

We are experienced in using various white-hat link building techniques such as blogger outreach, PR outreach, and resource page linking to obtain brand mentions.

The link building services that we offer include:

  • Backlink auditing
  • Link building strategy development
  • High-quality content creation
  • Custom link building services
  • Prospect link opportunities
  • Competitor link prospecting
  • Blogger/guest post link outreach
  • Creation and publication of editorial content
  • Daily SERP monitoring

Compared to other link building agencies that rely solely on tools to get links by bulk, Concrete Internet Marketing focuses on obtaining human-focused links that drive relevant traffic to your website. We believe in following white-hat SEO and the best practices to increase organic traffic to your brand.

When you hire us, our team of link building experts will keep you informed throughout your project by providing regular reports in a structured format.

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