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Bing Ads Management

Over 76% of Bing Ad budget is wasted! Our Artificial Intelligence assisted Bing Ads Management Services will put your budget to good use and improve your ROI on day 1.

We are a Bing Ads Accredited Professional which means Bing recognizes our ability to manage online advertising campaigns using the Bing platform.  Our knowledge of Bing Ads combined with our AI technology will cut your advertising cost and increase ROI for your business starting on day 1!.

Our Bing Ads management technology is constantly gathering data that helps us optimize ads, trim costs and increase conversions.  This means we are constantly updating your Bing Ad account to ensure your campaigns are running at maximum efficiency.

To ensure your peace of mind, we provide all of our Bing clients with a week over week and month over month “Success Report” and monthly “Bing Performance Grader Report".

Our “Success Report” delivers a powerful image detailing how well your Bing Ad account preformed on a week over week or month over month basis.  This report also shows the changes we have made to optimize your Bing Ad account to perform better week after week and month after month.

Our monthly “Bing Performance Grader Report” details the health of your Bing account.  It give an overview of areas of strength and areas of weakness that need improvement.

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We can manage all aspects of a Bing Ad campaign for your business and know how to get qualified paid traffic to your website. With our technology and expertise, we assure you that the ROI you receive from advertising on Bing through us will be like no other..