How Professional SEO Services Can Drive Traffic and Sales

Not too long ago, the word SEO didn’t even exist. Now, it’s an acronym that every business looking to expand is starting to understand. While most folks know SEO has something to do with ranking well on Google, not everyone sees its full ramifications.

A proper SEO strategy does so much more than increase the number of visitors to your site. It opens a floodgate for updated marketing tactics. Once you’ve landed a site visitor, you can make free offerings, educate them with your blog, and lead them to your social media empire.

SEO also maintains the efficacy of your site. A web page optimized for SEO will have a fast load time and increase time on page. All in all, professional SEO services represent a wonderful umbrella of opportunity and we’re going to lay it all out for you.

What Is SEO?

Let’s start with the “what” before the “why.” In case you’re not already familiar, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. With the right tactics, you can land your company on the first page of Google’s (or any other engine’s) search results. This is key because, when we Google something, we rarely search beyond, say, the second or third page.

If your company is buried all the way back on page 10 of the search results, you may never receive an organic visitor to your site. An organic visitor is someone who did a generic search and stumbled upon your company (as opposed to email marketing or social media outreach).

So, what are the elements of SEO? The primary element is keyword research. That is, companies need to place targeted keywords throughout their website, blog, and other content.

Let’s say you’re running an online store that sells essential oils. Before you create your website, you have to do some keyword research to understand what people are typing into Google when they’re looking for new essential oils.

Likely, it’s the actual phrase, “essential oils.” But, maybe it’s “organic essential oils” or “essential oils for anxiety.” There are plenty of free tools out there to help you pinpoint the appropriate keywords for your company.