Affordable SEO Services Package

Get Your Business Noticed with Affordable SEO Services from Concrete Internet Marketing

Our affordable SEO services package is designed for start-ups and small businesses who have little to no presence on search engines and a limited marketing budget. Our team of SEO experts will fully analyze your website to find the most valuable areas where SEO will have the biggest impact in search engine results.

The ultimate goal with our affordable SEO services package is to start ranking for high impact search terms in search engines so we can collect valuable data and deliver the highest quality traffic to your website.

Schedule a phone call today and tell us about your business. We want to learn as much as we can about you so we can put together an SEO campaign designed specifically to meet your businesses goals.

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How Does Our SEO Process Work?

Getting Started With Our Affordable SEO Services

Website Audit

Uncovering Issues With Your Website 15

Our website audit tool scans up to 10,000 pages on your website and tells us which ones have issues.  The information we receive gives us a deeper understanding as to why your website is not ranking as well as it could be.

Phone Consultation

Its All About You & Your Website 30

In our initial phone consultation, we want you to tell us all about your business and what you hope to achieve from our SEO services.

We will also reveal what your website audit uncovered and set expectations to the amount of work that will be required to set a solid foundation for your website to grow on.

Competitor Research

Find Out How Your Competitors Are Ranking So Well 45

Our competitor research will unveil who your top online competitors are and what they are doing to rank on the first page of search engines.

We will be able to tell you what keywords they are rankings for, the number of links pointing to their website, who those links are from and what its going to take to outrank them on Google.

Keyword Research

Find All The Best Keywords For Your Website 60

Our keyword research will unveil the most popular keywords your consumers are searching for online and how difficult it will be to rank for those keywords.

We will provide you with a list of keywords along with the number of times they are searched on a monthly basis.  From there we will decide on which keywords we want to target.

Create SEO Strategy

Develop An SEO Strategy To Outrank Your Comeptition 75

Based on all the tasks completed above, we will put together a 6 month SEO strategy plan.  Each month will have a specific list of tasks needed to be completed on our end that are designed to give you the best chance to rank #1 on Google and other major search engines.

Phone Consultation

Review Research Findings & Discuss Terms 90

Before our second phone consultation, we will provide you with detailed reports from all the research we have completed along with a list of task we will complete on your behalf over the next 6 months.

Agree On Terms & Begin Work

Start The PPC Work 100

Once terms are agreed upon and we have a signed contract, we will send you over an intake sheet to complete to grant us access to your website and any other tools that may be necessary to help us begin our work.

Affordable SEO Services

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How Much Does Our Affordable SEO Services Package Cost?

Affordable SEO Pricing

Below are sample prices to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for our affordable SEO plans based on how aggressive you want your SEO strategy to be.

We custom build each and every SEO marketing campaign for all of our clients. This allows us to add or remove specific SEO services that do not fit well into your specific goals and needs.

Included With Every SEO Package

  • Monthly Website Audits
  • Technical Website Fixes
  • Page Title Updates
  • Page Description Updates
  • Web Page Content Updates
  • Google Analytics Setup & Customization
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Organization Schema Markup
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Monthly SEO Report

Minimum SEO Starter Package

  • Keyword Tracking – 10 Keywords
  • 1 500 Word Blog Post
  • 5 High Quality Back Links

Conservative SEO Starter Package

  • Keyword Tracking – 30 Keywords
  • 2 500 Word Blog Posts
  • 5 High Quality Backlinks
  • 1 Guest Post on 10+ DA Site

Aggressive SEO Starter Package

  • Keyword Tracking – 75 Keywords
  • 2 1000 Word Blog Posts
  • 10 High Quality Back Links
  • 1 500 Word Guest Post on 20+ DA Site
  • Schema Markup

Protero has used a few large national SEO companies over the years. We would get a nice bump the 1st month and then no movement. I became very skeptical of SEO companies. When I saw what Concrete Internet Marketing did for my brother’s company  I was confident they would take care of me beyond just “signing me up”. Since working with Concrete Internet Marketing our clicks and leads continue to increase consistently every month.

Concrete Internet Marketing has been a great asset to our company. Very responsive and quality service!

Jeremy M, PAX Solutions

Very knowledgeable and open to ideas if you want your business to take off like a rocket look no further.