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Our guest blogging service includes creating quality articles, manual outreach and link building to drive more organic traffic to your website.

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What Is Guest Post Services?

A guest post is simply a piece of content published on someone else’s blog.  This is a tactic many seo agencies use in content marketing strategies to help their clients obtain backlinks and increase organic rankings on search engines.

Manual Outreach Service

Our manual guest post outreach service is second to none!  Over the years we have built relationships with thousands of website owners in need of fresh daily content.

Once we know which keywords you want to target, we reach out to our network of website owners to find the best placement for your guest post.

We then work with these website owners and discuss topic options that align with the keywords we are targeting and their audience.  Once an agreement is reached, we start crafting the perfect content for your guest blog post.

Content Creation Service

Our content creation service is already built into the price.  You don’t have to worry about creating your own content or paying extra for us to create the content for our guest post services.

Our network of professional content writers have been vetted by our staff to ensure they’re the perfect fit for your guest blog posting needs.  They work closely with our network of website owners and know exactly what is needed to get your guest blog post crafted to meet their needs.

For maximum engagement, the content we write is written for a real audience.  Our guest posts are not SEO or promotional articles. They are designed strictly for informational purposes.

However, benefits from the backlinks you receive will outweigh the SEO benefits of the guest blog post.

Out Guest Post Services Gets Powerful Links Back To Your Website

The backlinks we provide are extremely powerful because we only publish your guest post on 100% real sites that have established website traffic.

The links back to your website are strategically and naturally placed in your guest post to provide maximum value to increase your online presence.

In order for us to keep your backlink profile as natural as possible, our team will review your website’s current backlink profile to determine the best anchor text for your link.

How Our Guest Blog Post Service Work

To get started with our guest blog posting services simply place an order above by telling us how many guaranteed visitors you want your guest blog posts to be published on, the number of works you want your post to be, how many guest posts you want, your websites url and the anchor text you prefer.

From there, our manual outreach team will contact the most relevant websites related to your website and topic to secure a guest post.

Once we secure a guest post slot, our content writers will begin curating your content that meets the criteria of the website owner we are supplying the guest post to.

Once your guest post is written and posted, you will receive a report that tells you where your blog post is located and the anchor text used in your guest blog post.


What keywords can I use?

These are high-quality in-content links so this is a good place to use your exact or partial match anchor text, but ONLY if linking to a value-driven piece of content. Most of these publications have editorial staff who will nix links if they appear SEO driven.

Do you accept XYZ niche / anchor?

There are a few types of anchors that we don’t accept:

-Geo-based keywords (IE, dentist NYC, dentist in NYC) as many publishers do not accept these, they look spammy and don’t fit naturally into a sentence.

-Adult, pharma, or otherwise grey niches

-Sexual Orientation based niches

-Casino / Gambling

-Firearm-related niches

-Foreign (non-English) keywords

-Politics and International News

What happens if my links go down?

We guarantee to fix or replace any links that go down or bad for 90 days. This usually doesn’t happen, but we put this guarantee here for your protection.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround for this product is ~30 days. It has a longer turnaround than some of our other products because the entire process is manual. We could do it faster if we did it a cheaper way, but this product is all about quality. At times we can also deliver faster than 30 days, it just depends on the outreach period.

What is the difference between this and other guest blogging products?

Guest blogging is not something new and many providers offer this service, but beware, there are many services that claim they are a guest blogging service but in fact, are not.

Many other services have a blog network that they use for posting your article, where they own all the sites. This can leave a footprint, and for a white hat product like this, that isn’t what you want. We do not use a blog network to post your articles. All the sites we post to are manually contacted and are real sites.

Some services only include links to your site. We also link out to other non-competing authority sites to be as natural as possible.

Can I see or approve the article before posting?

With this product we do not allow approval before posting, however, we have written thousands of these articles and our customers love them. These are high-quality articles written for a real audience, not SEO or promotional articles.


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