Weeders Digest

Lake and Pond Experts

Weeders Digest is an eCommerce store that sells the largest selection of unique and beneficial lake and pond solutions to control aquatic weeds and lake muck.

Weeders Digest reached out to us at the beginning of 2019 looking for solutions to expand their reach organically and improved their ROI from online advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

Search Engine Optimization Results

The charts above shows a steady increase in organic traffic to their website and a steady increase in the number of keywords their website ranks for.

When we took over in January of 2019, Weeders Digest was receiving roughly 4,800 visitors to their website on a monthly basis.  Fast forward to 2023 and Weeders Digest is receiving roughly 12,000 visitors to their website during the slower winter months and peaked at nearly 20,000 visitors in a month during the busy summer season.

The number of keywords Weeders Digest ranked for when we took over in January of 2019 was roughly 2,550 with just 171 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions.  As of February 2023, Weeders Digest ranks for nearly 11,000 keywords with over 500 keywords ranking in the top 3 postions on search engine results pages.

Google Ads Results

The chart above shows improvements in the Google Ads performance on a year over year basis.  We take advantage of all the different campaign types Google Ads has to offer including search, shopping, video, display, performance max, smart and discovery.

The chart above demonstrates how we were able to improve Weeders Digest conversion rate and cost per conversion while maintaining the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).  This allowed Weeders Digest to invest more into Google Ads to increase overall revenue for the business and expand their reach.

Microsoft Ads Results

The chart above shows Microsoft Ads performance on a year over year basis.  Although this data is not as impressive as Google Ads, Weeders Digest is still seeing a 1,407% ROAS and a conversion rate of 2.28% on a yearly basis.