Protero Inc

Protero Inc. is a Minneapolis based business that builds custom lawn baggers for commercial grade mowers.


Increase visitors implementing a search engine optimization strategy and Google AdWords Management.


Rich keyword pages were created to attract new visitors who were currently searching for products Protero offers but couldn’t find the website organically.

Protero’s AdWords account was reviewed and connected to our Artificial Intelligence program which quickly pointed out optimizations to make immediately.


Since taking on the project in June of 2017, we have reduced Protero’s cost per conversion by over 50% and increased conversions by just under 50% on their AdWords campaign.

Organically, Protero has seen an 86.02% increase in Google traffic and an overall lead increase of 23.68%.

AdWords Leads – June 4th to 10th

AdWords Cost Per Lead – June 4th to 10th

Google Organic Traffic – June 4th to June 10th

Google Organic Leads – June 4th to June 10th

What We Did For Protero Inc

AdWords Management

We optimized Protero Inc’s AdWords account to efficiently bid on keywords that were producing leads.  This lead to a higher quality score and lowered CPC.

Search Engine Optimization

We restructured Protero Inc’s url structure, updated meta tags and added new content to increase the number of pages indexed by search engines.

Custom Google Analytics

We customized Protero Inc’s Google Analytics account so we could get a better understanding of website visitors.

Backlink Building

We continuously reach out to influencers and website owners to build relationships and earn quality links back to Protero Inc’s website.