HHH Pediatric Therapy

Elk River, MN Pediatric Therapy Clinic

HHH Pediatric Therapy offers various therapy services to children to help the thrive and grow in today’s fast paced world.  Recently HHH Pediatric Therapy opened a new location in Blaine, MN and contacted us in October of 2022 to help them with their local SEO and Google Ads campaigns.

Local SEO Results

The charts above shows a we have achieved the #1 position in Google Maps over a 5 mile radius from HHH Pediatric Therapy’s Blaine locations.  These results have led to an increase in visibility, phone calls and clients for HHH Pediatric Therapy over the few short months we have been helping them grow online.

Google Ads Results

HHH Pediatric Therapy had been managing their Google Ads campaigns in house with a limited budget.  We always recommend our clients not to overspend and stay at a budget they are comfortable with and increase as we results start to improve.

As you can see, with their limited budget we are seeing a 43% increase in conversions and a 28% reduction in cost per lead.  Our optimization efforts are starting to pan out and we can see a bright future on the horizon for HHH Pediatric Therapy.