Bing Ads Management Company Minneapolis, MN

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At Concrete Internet Marketing, we are a Bing Ads Accredited Management Company which means Bing recognizes our ability to manage and maintain online advertising campaigns using the Bing platform.

Take a look at the Bing Ads Management services we have to offer, then contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

Why Bing Ads?

Bing Ads Minneapolis MN

Bing Ads are a great compliment to any online marketing campaign because you can target consumers who are looking for your products or services now. This means you can target keywords that you know are great but don't quite rank well for in search results.

Additionally, with Bing Ads you can remarket to website visitors who have showed interest in your product or service but haven't made it through your funnel yet.

Why Use A Bing Ads Management Company?

Bing Ads Management Company Minneapolis MN

Using a Bing Ads Management Company can save you from wasting your advertising budget.  Although anybody can set up a Bing Ads campaign, it takes knowledge, experience, and time to get optimal results and continue to improve upon those results.

Unless you have the time to put your business on hold to get a good understanding on everything Bing Ads has to offer, a Bing Ads Management Company is strongly recommended.

Bing Ads Search Campaigns

Bing Ads search campaigns are most commonly recognized as the text ads you see when you complete a Bing search.  However, Bing Ads search campaigns also display on Bing's vast source of search partner networks.

Setting up a search campaign involves choosing keywords, creating ads and setting up the budget.  Although this may sound easy, there are way too many dynamics to get into on this page such as keyword types, bid adjustments, geo targeting and so on and so forth.

Bing Ads Shopping Campaigns

Bing Ads Shopping Campaigns are most commonly used by e-commerce websites to drive purchases. In order to create an Bing Ads Shopping Campaign you must have a data feed.  However, if you have a Google AdWords data feed for shopping campaigns, you can import your AdWords data feed into Bing Ads.

Bidding on shopping campaigns is based on the data in your shopping feed.  Most of the time, the data that is generated for your shopping feed is pulled from the search engine optimization efforts made on your website.

Bing Ads Remarketing Campaigns

Bing Ads Remarketing Campaigns can be the most powerful form of advertising on the internet.  Remarketing campaigns allow you to display ads in front of consumers who have already been to your website.

With Bing Ads Remarketing you can target in on visitors who visited certain web pages, abandoned your shopping cart, up-sell consumers that have previously made a purchase... the possibilities are endless.

About Bing Ads Management Services

At Concrete Internet Marketing, we possess Bing Ads Management certificates for all of Bing's Ad platforms including search, mobile, shopping, and video advertising.  

Additionally, we utilize Artificial Intelligence in all of our Bing Ads campaigns that helps us laser target our ads to reach the audiences that are most likely to convert on your website.  

With over 15 years of experience managing Bing Ads accounts and with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, we know we can take your Bing Ads campaign to the next level.

If you are really serious about getting the most out of Bing Ads, fill out the form below and let us know how we can help.  Our team of experts will brainstorm some ideas and get back to you with a strategy to improve your Bing Ads campaigns.

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