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Want to know the exact keywords you competition is bidding on to drive traffic and sales to their website?  Type in their website url into SEMRush’s top paid keyword tool below and find out all the keywords your competition is currently bidding on.

Pay Per Click Management

Over $100,000 In Google Ad Spend Managed In 2018

Google AdWords Management

Running ads online can become very costly, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.  However, when done right, PPC advertising can deliver highly targeted visitors to your website who are ready to hire you or purchase a product you offer on your website.

At Concrete Internet Marketing, we use AI assisted technology that reduces the amount of time it takes to optimize your ads for optimal performance.  Our state of the art technology also reduces wasted ad spend and improves your ROAS starting on day 1!

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PPC Management FAQ

What Is PPC?2019-01-05T10:09:10-05:00

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is a form of online advertising.  PPC is most commonly associated with Google AdWords, however PPC has evolved over time to include different platforms such as Bing and Facebook.

Additionally, PPC also includes pay per impression, pay per lead and pay per view.