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Why Customize Your Google Analytics Data?

  • Filter out bad data
  • Track goals and conversions
  • Make better business decisions

Opinions against data, data wins. But when it comes to data against data, the best data wins.

Standard out of the box Google Analytics is a great start to understanding your website traffic but a customized Google Analytics account will reveal who your best visitors are and where they are coming from.  A custom installation of Google Analytics will provide your business with website data that will allow you to zero in on which marketing efforts are failing and which efforts are providing your business with the best results.

At Concrete Internet Marketing, we believe a customized Google Analytics account gives you the insight you need to effectively and efficiently grow your business.  With over 15 years of experience, we know how to build custom segments and customize your tracking so you know every little detail about what your website visitors are doing on your website.

We start customizing your Google Analytics account by creating a new view that filters out spam traffic from your website.  This provides you with real data from real visitors on your website.  Additionally, we can segment your audience by a number of different demographics so you can understand which demographic you should focus your efforts on.  Finally, we set up events and goals that tells us who is interacting with the most important aspects of your website and which traffic source sent them there.

Are you ready to understand your website traffic and make better business decisions?  If so, give us a call at (763) 957-0858 or fill out the form on this page to learn how we can help you.

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What A Custom Google Analytics Account Can Do For You

Why Custom Google Analytics?

A customized Google Analytics installation weeds out the bad traffic from your data and allows you to understand the traffic sources that are providing you with the most leads and sales.

Furthermore, a customized Google Analytics account can be tailored to provide your business with custom reports that are easy to understand so you can make business decisions quickly to help grow your business.

Event Tracking With Google Analytics

Events are user interactions with content on your website that can be tracked independently of a page view.  Some great examples of events you may want to track include call clicks, email clicks, video plays and downloads.

Tracking specific events can help you understand elements your audience is interacting with and allow you to develop new marketing material to help move your online visitors through the sales funnel.

Goal Tracking With Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows business owners to set up and track goals on their website to help measure which marketing activities are providing the most value.

Some of the goals that can be tracked with a custom Google Analytics installation include completed website forms, e-commerce revenue and even when a consumer completes a level on a mobile app!

Remarketing With Google Analytics

Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you use data and metrics to create lists of site visitors that can automatically be shared with Google AdWords for advertising purposes.

Remarketing to past website visitors across Google’s assets allows you to re-engage with visitors who may have fallen out of the sales funnel, or it can simply be used to build brand awareness; or well, the possibilities are endless.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

Protero Inc

Since working with Concrete Internet Marketing, our clicks and leads continue to increase consistently every month and our AdWords costs have been cut drastically. I buy and sell on the internet everyday and this is the first review I have posted. For me to be impressed enough to share the great work Concrete Internet Marketing is doing shows how highly I think of their service. Keep up the Great work!

by Jodi Vezina on Concrete Internet Marketing
Great Work!

Couldn’t be more happy with concrete Internet Marketing!! They are incredible 🙂

by Peter Doran on Blank Business Name
Peter Doran Lawn & Landscaping

Concrete Internet Marketing re-designed my website and optimized it for search engines. They have helped me get good placement for many many keywords on Google. They also do an excellent job posting original articles they write that are insightful to my customer base.Keep up the good work!"

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Concrete Internet Marketing did an amazing job on our website, they communicated very well and implemented what we wanted perfectly. Very professional, highly recommend!

by Jennifer Brovick on Concrete Internet Marketing
Free Heroins Hold

Concrete Internet Marketing did an amazing job doing all of the work we needed done. The website is perfect for the cause . Beautiful work !!!

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