How To Develop A Killer Link Building Strategy


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There is no doubt that link building is an essential part of SEO strategy and that it is virtually impossible to gain visibility across the iInternet if you don’t have an efficient link-building strategy. Google uses links to measure the usefulness of particular blog pages and where it should rank in search engine results pages. Since the purpose of links is to generate traffic to your site directly, link-building should be an integral part of your link-building strategy.

However, you should keep in mind that the landscape of SEO is always changing. If you want to compete and thrive online, you need to keep up with the trend and implement a variety of techniques that will lead get you in the right direction. Although the entire process of link-building seems difficult at first, it becomes easily digestible once we break it into a few easy steps.

Get to know your audience

All your marketing efforts will fall flat unless you have the right target audience. Before initiating your link building strategy, you need to be able to identify and clearly define your audience. The best and the easiest way to do this is to start using Google Analytics which will tell at what time of the day your audience is on your site.

You may also consider conducting surveys in the form of an n online questionnaire. You can either create an online survey that pops up when someone enters your site or you can send a survey invitation to your subscribers. This should give you an insight into your audience’s preferences and know what type of content to create.

Compile a list of sites

Once you have identified your target audience, you need to start creating the list of sites you want your links from. Be mindful that site varyies greatly. While a link from a particular site can position you higher in searchthe top ranks, others can have a slight almost unnoticeable impact on the entire traffic. If you already have a certain overview of blogs and websites that could work for your business, start creating your list. When it comes to managing digital projects, keep track of all your tasks and organise your workflow with ease by choosing an efficient project management tool and make all your processes a breeze. If you aren’t sure which software will work for your business, make a project management software comparison and opt for one that will suit your business.

Deliver valuable content

One of the essential steps of every successful link-building campaign is creating valuable and dynamic content. The content you create must provide your readers with some actionable tips and help them resolve issues that they usually come across. In this way, you will capture your reader’s’ interest, trigger various social shares and generally draw more traffic to your site. Finally, you will get more websites link to your content and create a bigger and stronger customer base.

Build relationship with editors

If you create a valuable piece of content, editors of influential magazines such as HuffPost, FoxNews, and CNN will republish it. Building relationship across media will have a huge impact on your reach as you can significantly benefit from natural link authorities. Naturally, all of this is much easier if you develop a good relationship with editors of highly respectful magazines.

Analyze competitors

By analyzing your competitors you will get a sense of the industry and gain an insight into which site within vertical would provide links. The competitive analysis does not only provide you with the information about their profile and why they are ranking but also strategies they use and their resources that didn’t acquire many links. Also, it gives you the list of high opportunity links that will unquestionably make difference to your link building campaign.

Reach out

Once you’ve invested your time in project planning and creating a valuable piece of content, you should contact the website that you want to link to your site. Ask them to write about your content and link to it. You can even offer them a free product or service and get a piece of content that will link to your website from them. Naturally, never send automated emails and make sure you regularly keep in touch with them.

Focus on relevant links

One of the prerequisites of successful link building strategy is to get relevant links. In other words, your traffic will significantly increase if you focus on quality links. For example, when you start showing your expertise, interview a variety of influential personalities across the web you will be mentioned and recommended by other on a number of social media platforms. This will help you get merit-based inbound links.

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