Your Digital Presence Should Always Be Improving

Growing Your Digital Presence With State Of The Art Technology

There’s a lot that goes into growing your digital presence and it all begins with developing a strategy that keeps up with your business goals and then monitoring it to make sure you are reaching your goals.

At Concrete Internet Marketing, we deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor and evaluate every aspect of your digital presence.  In other words, we know how people are finding your business, who is talking about your business and how your online activities are impacting your business.

Additionally, we know what your competitors are up to!  We know the keywords they are targeting, the posts they are making on social media that are getting engagement and even the ads they are running that are generating new business for them.

When you hire us to handle or digital marketing needs, you can rest assure we have the technology and insights to help grow your digital presence.

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SEO Technology

Our SEO technology integrates with your website, your Google Analytics account, Google Search Console and Google’s algorithm that provides us with overwhelming data.

This data is then ran through our organic traffic insights tool and our on page SEO checker.  Within seconds this technology tells us what changes need to be made to improve your rankings on search engines.

Furthermore, our SEO technology provides us with your competitions data!  With this insight we can see what your competition is doing and how they are doing it.  This helps us strategize a game plan to use their strategy to help your website rank higher.

SEO Ideas

PPC Technology

Our PPC technology scours Google Ads to find the best ads on Google based on keyword or your competitors domain.

This tool is great for small budgets that need to get the most bang for their buck.  It allows us to quickly determine the best keywords and the perfect ad copy that is already working for your competition.

When we combine this with our separate PPC AI technology, you quickly have the upper hand to out optimize your competition and spend less on the keywords that deliver you the most conversions.

Google Ads Competition Keywords

Social Media Technology

Our social media technology analyzes your business and your competitors presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

It allows us to quickly identify the types of post that are getting the most engagement and the hashtags being used to help drive engagement.

This gives us the ability to use the ideas and strategy to help create the perfect post for your social media channels.

Ready To Grow Your Digital Presence?

As you can see, we have the tools and technology to help you get ahead of the competition no matter what channel they are marketing on.

Contact us today and we will run a complete audit for free to help determine just how explosive our internet marketing services can be for your business.

Request A Free Consultation Today!

Request A Free Consultation Today!

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