Getting Started With WordPressGetting Started With Your WordPress Website

Things are about to get real!

You just picked out the perfect domain url and picked the best hosting service for you WordPress website.

Now its time to get your website set up so you can start driving traffic to it and generate leads and sales for your business.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

**Throughout this post we will be showing you how to install WordPress through A2 Hosting.  You will find that many hosting services use a similar installation process.

Installing WordPress

With WordPress being the leading website platform, most hosting providers provide 1 click installation so you can get started building your website quickly.

Once you login to your hosting service, you will want to open your c-panel.  Your c-panel hosts a ton of different aps that you can install on your website.

When in your c-panel, locate the WordPress icon and click on it.

cpanel wordpress installation

After clicking on the icon, A2 Hosting will provide you with a description about WordPress and how they have automatically configured your installation for speed and security.

Click on the install tab, then click on the Quick Install button to initiate WordPress – A2 Optimized installation.

WordPress A2 Optimized Quick Install

The next screen will ask you to choose the domain you want to install WordPress on.  You will also need to create an admin username, password and enter your email address.

Once everything looks good, simply click the install button and WordPress will be installed


As soon as the installation process is complete, you will be provided with a success screen that will provide you with a unique url to login to your WordPress site.

I highly recommend clicking on your unique url to open it in a new browser, then add a bookmark for that url so you can easily access your WordPress website’s admin area.

Now that WordPress is installed, you can log out of your hosting account because the rest of your website will be setup from within your WordPress admin area.

Free WordPress Website

Configuring Settings In WordPress

Once logged into WordPress, you will see a list of tabs running down the left side of the screen.  Locate the settings tab and click on it.