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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • What Is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of processes used to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by improving the organic ranking position of a website and its pages on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    In other words, SEO is the process of getting your website to rank #1 for relevant keywords so your business can generate more leads and sales from consumers who are actively looking for services or products your company offers.

    The purpose of a search engine is to provide its users with the most relevant content based on the search terms they type or speak into a search bar. Currently Google reigns supreme as the leading search engine, therefore most business owners optimize their websites based on Google’s SEO guidelines.

    Some of the most important components to SEO include meta tags, header tags, keywords, semantic keywords, page speed, internal link structure, and inbound links.

  • What Is SEO Marketing?

    SEO marketing is the process of sending signals that tell search engines your website provides more value to its searchers than your competitions website does.

    One of the best ways to tell search engines that your website is valuable is by creating quality content that keeps visitors on your website. When a searcher stays on your website and consumes your information, it tells search engine that they provided their searcher with highly relevant information.

    Another way to tell search engines that your website is valuable is by obtaining backlinks from authoritative websites. To search engines, a backlink is considered a vote of popularity. The more popular your website is, the better chance you have to outrank your competition.

    Additional SEO marketing strategies that provide signals to search engines include social media engagement, schema markup, online reputation, technical seo, meta tags and internal linking.

  • How Does SEO Work?

    Search engines are essentially the gateway to all of the worlds information.  Kind of like a librarian used to be before the internet.  You simply tell the search engine what you are looking for and it returns millions of results.  However, unlike a librarian, search engines deliver results in a matter of seconds.

    Just like the card index system at the library, search engines index your site and store the information until a searcher comes along and types in a query.  If the query is a good match to the information on your website, there is a chance it could show up at the top of the search engine results page.

    To understand how SEO works, you must first understand the three aspects of SEO that determine the keywords and keywords phrases any given website ranks for.

    The first aspect is on-page SEO.  On-page SEO are elements you have complete control over such as meta tags, title tags, content and the technical health of your website.  Each one of these elements can easily be modified to improve rankings for a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

    The second aspect is off-page SEO.  Off-page SEO are elements outside of your control such as links to your website, social media shares and online reviews.  Off-page SEO elements can be challenging to obtain but can provide the biggest boost to your overall SEO success.

    The third aspect is data.  Although data doesn’t directly impact your rankings, it can help you determine the right keywords and keyword phrases to target for your website.  When connected to the proper tools, data can give you all the insights you need to make necessary changes to continue improve your SEO rankings.

    SEO works by combining all three elements above to send signals to Google and other search engines.  These signals tell Google what your website is about, how trustworthy and how popular it is.  Google then decides, in a matter of nano-seconds, where your website will show up in the search engine results page (SERP) based on the words a user is searching for.

  • Why Is SEO Important?

    • SEO is important because has the ability grow your business organically and increase its authority seamlessly online and offline.

      A well optimized site goes beyond ranking for keywords on search engine results pages. A well optimized site delivers its visitors with the information they are looking for to make a purchasing decision, keeping them on your site longer and sending signals to Google and other search engines that your website matches the users search intent and should continue to rank well in search results.

      As for website owners, SEO is important because search engines have the best ability to send high quality traffic to your website. High quality traffic from search engines will positively impact the number of leads and sales you receive to grow your business.

Local SEO

  • What Is Local SEO?

    Local Search Engine Optimization is a series of processes used to increase the visibility of a local business to consumers who live in, or frequent, communities that their business serves.

    In other words, Local SEO is the process of getting your website, or business listings such as Google Maps, to rank #1 on search engines at the exact moment somebody within your area is looking for products or services you offer.

  • What Is The Difference Between SEO and Local SEO?

    The main difference between SEO and local SEO is that SEO focuses on a broad audience around the world while local SEO focuses on consumers in the same neighborhood as your business.

  • Why Is Local SEO Important?

    Local SEO is important because consumers have the ability to search for products or services they are in need of from anywhere.

    For example, a consumer out shopping may be interested in taking a break and having a coffee. All they have to do is take out there phone and do a search for coffee shops nearby and Google will provide them with a list of the closest coffee shops in their database.

    Or maybe, a water pipe burst and it needs to be repaired immediately. The consumer will likely head to their tablet or computer and look for emergency plumbers available 24/7. Google will provide the consumer with a list of plumbers that are currently open.

    You never know when a consumer will be need of your product or service. But when they are, having a strong presence in local searches will help you win more business.

  • What Services Are Included With Local SEO?

    Our local SEO services include optimizing your website for local searches as well as optimizing your online assets, such as your Google My Business Page to show up in the “Local 3 Pack”.

  • Who Are Local SEO Services For?

    Local SEO services are designed for businesses who have a physical location or businesses who travel to consumers homes to provide a service.

  • How Do You Improve Your Local SEO Rankings?

    Improving you local rankings takes a deep understanding of what search engines are looking for when considering what search results to show their searchers.

    To gain traction with Local SEO you first need to make sure your business information is correct and consistent everywhere on the internet.

    From there it really boils down to making sure your website is optimized, managing your online reviews and reputation, providing fresh content and building links.

PPC Advertising & Management

  • What Is PPC?

    PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a form of online advertising where an advertiser pay a fee every time one of their online ads is clicked.

    PPC advertising originally started with placing bids on keywords. It has since evolved into sophisticated forms of payment methods including pay per impression, return on ad spend bidding, smart bidding and more.

  • How Much Do I Have to Spend on PPC Ads?

    There is no minimum to the amount you have to spend on PPC ads.

    However, we do recommend a budget of at least $500 a month to get started. This allows our AI and machine learning technology to gather enough data to make recommendations to help your PPC ads campaigns flourish.

  • How Long Before I See Results From My PPC Ad Campaigns?

    You will start to see results almost immediately. Once an ad campaign is active, you will start to see traffic coming to your website.

    Generally speaking, within a month most of our customers start to see a reduction in the amount it cost to drive traffic to the website and website conversions.

  • Why Concrete Internet Marketing For Your PPC Management Company?

    As your PPC management company, we continually monitor, analyze and adjust your ppc ad campaigns for optimal performance.

    We also give you full access, at no additional cost, to all of your ppc advertising platforms. This means you can always go in to any of your ad platforms and double check our work.

    The bottom line is, we don’t nickel and dime you! Our goal is to help you grow your business. By making sure your business is successful we are ensuring our business is successful!

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