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Facebook Advertising in 2018 is very complex, even for us seasoned veterans.

It doesn’t help that Facebook is always changing their advertising platform and rules.

However, there are some Facebook basics that are likely to remain within the Facebook Advertising platform for years to come.

In this article, we cover those basics so beginners have a basic understanding of how to run a Facebook Advertising campaign.

What Is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that is installed on a website to track visitors. The Facebook Pixel allows advertisers to gauge the effectiveness of their Facebook ads. Additionally, data collected from the Facebook Pixel can be used to create and target custom audiences based on the actions visitors took on your website.

What Can The Facebook Pixel Do?

The Facebook Pixel is designed to provide advertisers with the information they need to make better ads on Facebook. The 3 main functions of the include:


Since the Facebook Pixel can track the web pages a visitor views, advertisers can create re-targeting ads that deliver relevant information based on what that individual viewed on your website. Re-targeting is so powerful that it has actually been proven to increase ad response by up to 400 percent! (source: http://www.cmo.com/)

Conversion Tracking

The Facebook Pixel’s conversion tracking technology collects data from your website and inputs results into your Facebook ads reporting. There is some customization to the code involved but, you can tell the pixel what pages are conversion pages and the pages value. That information will then transfer to your Facebook ads reporting so you can easily see the ROI on your ads.

Installing Facebook Pixel

Look-A-Like Audience

A look-a-like audience is a custom audience that you define based on data collected from the pixel. For example, you can create an audience with the same demographics as those who visited a conversion page on your website. The look-a-like audience takes all of the guess work out of identifying your ideal customers.

How To Install The Facebook Pixel

Installing the Facebook Pixel is fairly simple. Head over to your Facebook account and go into your ads manager. Once in your ads manager, click on the drop down box, as shown in the picture, and click on pixels. A new screen will load and near the top all you have to do is click the “set up pixel” button.

Once you have set up your pixel, Facebook will provide you with a snippet of code to install on your website. The snippet of code you receive is the standard version of the pixel.

You can customize your pixel to track conversions, values and a number of other things but it does take some knowledge of coding. If you need help customizing your Facebook Pixel, contact us and let us know how we can help.

What Are Facebook Advertising Objectives?

Facebook Advertising Objectives are what you want people to do when they see your ad. Facebook objectives include awareness, consideration and conversion. The first step in creating a Facebook ad is to choose the objective that aligns with your business goals.

A Closer Look At Facebook Advertising Objectives

Facebook Advertising Objectives – AwarenessAwareness

Awareness objectives are design to generate interest in your product, service or business. The two objectives to choose from under awareness include:

Brand Awareness:

Reach consumers who are likely to engage with your ad and increase awareness about your brand with their connections on Facebook.


Show your ad to as many people as possible.

Facebook Advertising Objective – ConsiderationConsideration

Consideration objectives are designed to make consumers consider how your product or service can solve a problem they are having and dig deeper into the solution you are offering. The 5 objectives to choose from under consideration are:


Send traffic to your website or mobile app.

App Installs:

Send traffic to your app store so they can download your app.


Get Facebook users to like, comment or share on one of your Facebook post.

Video Views:

Promote your videos for the views by your audience.

Lead Generation:

Use Facebook’s platform to install a lead capture form to collect consumers name, email address and phone number.

Facebook Advertising Objectives – ConversionConversion

Conversion objectives are designed to convert visitors into paying customers. The 3 objectives to choose from under the conversion objective are:


Get visitors to convert on your website of app using the Facebook Pixel for tracking purposes.

Product Catalog Sales:

Convert sales from your product catalog.

Store Visits:

Promote your store location to consumers who are nearby.

Which Facebook Advertising Objective Is Right For You?

Choosing the wrong objective can cost hundreds of dollars. However, choosing the right objective can provide your business with a very rewarding ROI. The first decision an advertiser needs to make is determining what the goal is for the marketing campaign.

If your business is getting ready to launch a new product, consider the awareness objective. Building awareness before the product actually launches can create a buzz. This can be a good thing because it gives consumers the opportunity to bring up their concerns that can be alleviated before the first product hits the shelf.

Facebook gives business page owners the ability to create an e-commerce shop within Facebook. If you have a shop, consider using the product catalog sales objective when advertising.

What Is Facebook Targeting?

Facebook targeting is the creation of audiences that define who your ideal customer is. Facebook Ads gives you the ability to choose from a number of demographics including age, sex, location, income and hundreds of additional choices.

Why Targeting The Right Audience On Facebook Is Important

With billions of users on Facebook, targeting the right audience with your Facebook Ads is essential. Through targeted advertisement, advertisers can find and engage the most relevant audience by filtering internet users on the basis of their online behavior. Facebook provides specific filtration for leveraging current market trends and target audience analysis, which significantly increases the number of relevant clicks as well as sales.

How To Target The Right Facebook Audience

In order to target the right audience on Facebook, you need to understand your buyers persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. Once a buyer persona is identified, apply the demographics to your Facebook Ad and start collecting data.

If you have the Facebook Pixel installed, you can create look-a-like audiences. A look-a-like audience is a custom audience with the same demographics as any audience you segment from the data contained within your Facebook Pixel. This allows for laser focused targeting to reach the most customers who are likely to buy your products or use your services.

What Is Facebook Retargeting?

Facebook retargeting is a highly effective marketing tool that targets your ads on Facebook to consumers who have already visited your website. Using the Facebook Pixel, an advertiser can retarget website visitors with specific ads based on actions they took on their website.

Facebook Remarketing Life Cycle

Why Retarget Facebook Users?

Retargeting Facebook users keeps them engaged with your brand and can turn them into advocates for your business. Furthermore, retargeting is a great way up-sale products to previous customers and inform them about new products and services that are available.

As a matter of fact, retargeting lead to a 1046% increase in branded search and can increase conversion rates by up to 147%. (source: http://syndacast.com/)

Facebook Retargeting Ideas

Facebook retargeting provides endless opportunities for businesses to get in front of their target market. Here are a few ways you can use retargeting to increase sales and re-engage your audience.

Retarget Your Most Engaged Fans

Your die hard fans can play a HUGE part in helping to grow your business. The more opportunity you give them and the easier you make it, the better.

You can use your email marketing system to export a list of your most engaged subscribers (the ones opening your emails is a good metric to filter by) and then import it into Facebook.

You can then retarget these visitors with your most valuable/sharable content. This is a great way to increase your reach as your die hard fans are more likely to share, like and comment on the Facebook post.

The Facebook algorithm favors sponsored posts with high engagement by boosting their organic reach. So, you can try and take advantage of this by showing highly shareable content with people who have a higher chance of engaging with it.

Retarget Hot Leads

If you have the Facebook Pixel set up, you can retarget website visitors who may have abandoned the shopping cart or visited specific sales pages but didn’t convert. Since these visitors took specific actions, you can tailor a message to their specific needs and turn them into sales.

Furthermore, retargeting hot leads to upsell them is a great way to increase your bottom line and pick from the low hanging fruit.


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