Best Website Hosting Services For Small BusinessBest Website Hosting Services For Small Business

Finding the best website hosting services for you small business can seem like an overwhelming tasks.

I mean who really knows what all those nerdy technology words mean anyway?

I know I sure dont!

However, I have been working with a number of website hosts over the years and I know from experience a good host from a bad one.

What To Look For Before Buying Website Hosting Services

When reviewing web hosting companies, here are 15 key factors you should take into consideration…

  1. Know your hosting needs
  2. Server reliability and uptime guarantees
  3. Hosting upgrade options
  4. Number of addon domains
  5. Signup prices vs renewal prices
  6. Refund policy and free trial period
  7. Essential hosting features
  8. E-commerce features and support
  9. Control panel
  10. Account limitations
  11. Email hosting
  12. Subscription period
  13. Site backup
  14. Live chat/telephone support
  15. Server responsiveness

Our Top 3 Website Hosting Service Providers

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has been around since 2001 and have data centers in Arizona, Michigan, Amsterdam and Singapore and is the website host we use for Concrete Internet Marketing and a number of our clients.

Stable &Reliable Uptime of Over Last 10 Months

From December of 2017 through September 2018, A2 Hosting’s uptime was 99.92%, just .02 below the industry standard of 99.94%.  You can check the latest uptime results here.