The Best PPC Agencies Use AI Technology

Our AI Technology Helps Us Reduce Our Clients Spend While Increasing Their Profits

Our AI Technology Helps Us Reduce Our Clients Spend While Increasing Their Profits

Managing online ads is complex.  Whether it is Google Ads or Facebook Ads, the number of settings and all of the functions available are just mind blowing.

Unless you have spent countless hours managing your own online ads you can easily become overwhelmed with optimizing your ads for optimal performance.

Heck, Google and Facebook change their ad platforms so often even professionals who have been managing multi-million dollar accounts for years can become overwhelmed. 

This is where AI assisted technology comes into play.  Our AI assisted technology gives us the insight and data we need to optimize your ads to deliver the best results.

Over the years our technology has helped us win over clients by outperforming their previous PPC agency.  Take a look at how our technology works.

Artificial Intelligence and Google Ads Management


To get started we connect our AI system to your current Google Ads or Facebook Ads account to analyze any data that already exist within the account.

Our system will then give us detailed reports about the health of your current accounts.  These reports allow us to analyze your account to determine the strengths and weaknesses we can build on.


With reports in hand, we begin optimizing your ads for optimal performance based on recommendations made by our AI technology.

Our optimization efforts take place on a weekly basis.  This means your Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts continually improve week after week.

Weekly optimization is key to the success of your ad accounts growth.  The biggest mistake we see many PPC agencies make is they set up your campaign and then rarely check in to see how it is performing.

Optimize Google Ads

Ready To Maximize Your Ad Budget?

Our ongoing management of your ad accounts means you never have to worry about stale ads draining your budget.

Contact us today to receive your free health trend reports and let us show you how we can reduce your wasted spend and increase your conversion rate.

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