1. Thousands of available themes (new ones coming out all the time)
  2. Stripe and 3rd party shopping integrations
  3. Integrations with PayPal
  4. They support blogs and we all know content is king!
  5. Tracking and maintaining customer data
  6. Works like a regular website CMS
  7. Optimized for SEO and easily customizable in regards to keywords
  8. You can use your MailChimp or other Email provider
  9. You can add coupons and discount codes
  10. Full HTML and CSS Editing abilities
  11. A “Buy Now” call to action button to be placed on external sites
  12. POS Integration
  13. You can make a customizable profile for your employees
  14. Integrations with live chats
  15. Create your own store Gift Cards
  16. Advanced Reporting
  17. An Abandoned Cart feature built in!
  18. Integration with help desks like ZenDesk
  19. Analytics reporting
  20. Shipping carrier integration