The purpose of internet marketing is to connect businesses and consumers via digital channels to build brand awareness and to generate leads and sales.

Internet marketing channels include:

A successful internet marketing campaign will use multiple channels to relay their message in a variety of ways to reach their ideal audience on as many channels as possible.

The Internet Marketing Process

With the ultimate purpose of internet marketing being to generate leads and sales, you must first understand the process.

  • Build Awareness – Using a combination of online marketing channels, you will need to get your message in front of as many consumers as possible.
  • Engagement – As your audience grows, provide additional content designed to engage your audience.
  • Trust Building/Education – Provide valuable content in the form of blog post or downloadable guides that show you are the industry expert.
  • Conversion – Congratulations, you have built awareness, engaged with your target audience and educated them enough for them to trust you and make a purchase from you!

Although I make it sound easy, there is are a lot more details that go into building a successful internet marketing strategy.

However, if your internet marketing strategy does not have a clearly defined purpose, failure is inevitable.  Take the time to plot out your internet marketing strategy and its purpose to reach your business goals and grow your business.