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Dedicated online marketer, entrepreneur and search-engine optimizer dedicated to providing best-in-class marketing techniques for clients. In 2015, Jeremy founded Concrete Internet Marketing where he brings over 15 years of experience to each client project utilizing the latest growth tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality traffic to client websites, expand business’s reach online and increase client’s ROI for online marketing.

3 Red Flags Your Google Ads Management Company Is Taking Advantage Of You

Is Your Google Ads Management Company Really Looking Out For Your Best Interest? Google Ads management companies are a dime a dozen which makes it hard to decipher between the good companies and the bad companies. Just do a Google search for “Google Ads Management Company” and Google will serve you over 430 million results!

Setting Up A WordPress Website

Setting Up A WordPress Website Setting up a WordPress website requires you to pay close attention to detail if you want your website to have a solid foundation to build on. If you do not have WordPress installed yet, you will want to check out our previous posts about finding the best website hosting services

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How To Install WordPress

How To Install WordPress After watching the "How To Install WordPress" video above, be sure to get your Free Premium WordPress Theme and WordPress Installation. You should also check out our reviews of the best WordPress hosting services for small business. As always, please leave us your comments and reviews below.

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7 Local Plumber Marketing Strategies That Will Generate Leads Now

7 Plumber Marketing Strategies To Generate Leads Now (Even For New Websites) Imagine if you could make one simple tweak to your online plumber marketing strategies and see an instant boost in organic website traffic and leads. Or even better: What if there were 6 of those tweaks… … and each of them could consistently

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