7 Essential Internet Marketing Services to Grow Your Business in 2020

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Essential Internet Marketing Services Every Business Needs

Is advertising your business or website online really that important? Can it make a difference in how your site performs and how many conversions you get week over week?

Do you feel like it’s all a bunch of nonsense used to sell you services that you don’t need? Do you have ads currently on the web? Do you know how they are performing or if your target audience even sees them?

According to recent studies conducted for 2020, every facet included with internet marketing services is essential to helping your business grow and succeed. Social media alone is accessed several times per user every day! Consumers out there are searching for your product or service, but if you aren’t visible online, you will never be able to connect with them among all of your competition on search engines.

So, how can you get your name out there? How can you connect with customers and be considered as they decide which company and service they want? What are the different internet marketing services offered, and what do they mean?

If you’re ready to build your business, increase your revenue, and have a website that works for you, this article is a comprehensive look at the essential internet marketing services and how they can help you jumpstart your business!

What is Internet Marketing?


Internet marketing includes all the different features you can use to promote your business or brand, and the products or services you have to offer. The focus is on online marketing only, using different tools to drive customers to your site, make your brand more available during the searching phase, and increase your chance of converting that customer into a buyer.

But as the internet grows more vast, so do the different services available to reach your potential customers. Do you want to increase the likelihood of conversion? Then it’s vital to reach your viewers at each phase of their shopping experience.

By covering several different platforms with your advertisements, you will increase the likelihood that your target customer will see your advertisement. When it comes to internet marketing, it’s helpful to reach them several different times as they progress through their consideration phase. You will want to be visible for them at this crucial time in order to make it through to the final phase: purchasing!

Internet marketing is how you reach people today. Gone are the days where traditional advertising through print, radio, and television worked to attract new clients. These days, customers find what they want on search engine result pages, direct referrals, and social media. You have to reach the customers where they are if you’re going to convince them why they should choose you!

7 Essential Internet Marketing Services

Are you ready to learn how your website is performing and understand the data you’re currently producing? Are you excited to improve that data to generate more conversions and improve your available content? Do you want access to cost-effective marketing options that are proven to work for any size or type of business?

Effective internet marketing strategies can enable you to compete with even the largest and most established companies in the market. People, more than ever, want to find a company they can relate to and trust. Plus, internet marketing is easy to track for performance since a customer’s entire journey is visible through different monitoring programs.

Here are seven essential services to consider when you’re making your internet marketing plan, and why you should understand each of them and how they work!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO services are the building blocks for what your website stands on to be visible on search engine result pages (SERPs). Once you have the foundation, you’re able to start developing a strategy to grow your website. SEO help will guide you through the process of deciding what changes you should make to your website and the effect it will have on the page you appear when a customer searches for your product or service.

Gaining guidance for this feature can help you plan what you may need, like creating quality content for your site, building links, and other strategies. This data increases your traffic and boosts your ranking on SERPs.

Local SEO

If you have a physical business location or offer services in person, the people in your community must know you exist! By optimizing your content with keywords that tag you for your area, you can ensure that customers find you when searching for what you have to offer. Offering map listings and tags will make it easy to find you on the website as it would be if they were driving down the road.

Local SEO is also a great tool to reach customers that are visiting who may not be familiar with your area. Utilizing this tool helps them find you when they need you most!

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Do you know what your potential customers see when they search for your business? ORM services can help you control what is seen by analyzing your current online presence and improving it for an optimal first impression.

ORM’s goal is to make sure that a customer can search for specific details regarding your product or service and then navigate directly to their desired page.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising services helps you be sure that you’re investing the right features on your website. PPC is when you pay a specific amount each time a user clicks on your advertisement. With a proper strategy in place, you can be sure you are paying for the right type of clicks to make the most of your investment.

Google Advertisement Management

Do you know how to process the data provided by Google for your website and your advertisements? Google Ads Management Services can help you navigate all of the vital data that Google provides for you regarding every aspect of your website and all the tools available to process and improve upon it.

You can analyze this data and use the right types of keywords to help your business grow. Effective Google Ad management should result in increased return on investment, and you should have a clear understanding of what got you there.

Facebook Advertisement Management

Effective Facebook Ads Management is used to increase visibility for those most likely to shop with you and utilize all the available tools on the Facebook Ad platform. All the data will be analyzed to find new opportunities to increase traffic to your website through the right types of placements.

Blog Posts & Guest Posts

Blog posts are a great way to generate original content for your customers. You’re able to create relevant, informative, researched, and professional information as regularly as desired to increase traffic and retention. You will become a subject matter expert and a reliable source of information for your customers wherever they are on their journey.

Additionally, when you link to your own internal content and other leaders in your industry, it will help validate your information for readers.

Guest posts or guest blogging guarantees you a certain number of organic traffic every month! This service creates professional articles, does your outreach, and creates links to entice a broader range of clients to visit your website.

What Should You Expect with Internet Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, you will be able to see the fruits of your labor in real-time. With internet marketing you will know things like:

  • How many visitors visit your website and what drove them there
  • How many subscribers you receive
  • What times of day you get the most traffic
  • Your conversion rate
  • How different updates to your site affect traffic
  • What pages have the highest bounce rate

Where Should You Start?

Are you ready to boost your website’s performance so you can increase your return on investment? Do you want to view and understand your performance data so you know what changes you may need and why?

At Concrete Internet Marketing, we’re not just another internet marketing company. We understand all of the essential services and what makes them work. We want to help you get your advertisements performing their best, so customers not only find you but remember you time and time again. Our internet marketing services will help you identify your goals and then reach them in record time!

Contact us for more information and request a FREE consultation! We can’t wait to help you boost your visibility and see its impact on your business long term!


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